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About RugbyBootBank®

RugbyBootBank® was founded in 2020 to help reduce the cost of playing rugby and to encourage more people to play at community rugby clubs across the UK.   Set up by a small team of life long players, coaches, and referees led by Matt Mitchell (a self-confessed over-enthusiastic supporter of rugby) RugbyBootBank® is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers.   When it comes to removing barriers to participation every little helps and this can be done whilst also reducing our carbon footprint.


 “I used to carry a bag of second hand kit around with me regularly helping parents of players avoid the cost of new kit. I was always being asked if I had any second hand boots.   A free pair of boots might help to free up a few pennies which could be spent in the clubhouse or might persuade the next superstar to start playing”.

RugbyBootBank® is a national programme with depots in Falkirk, Scotland and Marden, Kent, England with a connected network of volunteers across the UK.

Our Vision

RugbyBootBank® believes no adult or child should be prevented from enjoying rugby by the cost of a pair of rugby boots.  

The benefits of playing rugby are vast and everyone should be entitled to access the physical and mental health advantages as well as the social opportunities it offers.

#NoBoots should be #NoBarrier to playing rugby.

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Paper Waste

Environmental Impact

RugbyBootBank® recognises the environmental impact of discarding waste products on our planet.   Discarding boots with life left in them unnecessarily contributes to the 15 million tonnes of waste from households* which ended up on UK landfill sites in 2020.

It is a credit to manufacturers that nowadays boots last a lot longer; sadly many, with good playing time left in them, are discarded.  RugbyBootBank® is passionate about helping people play rugby and protecting the environment from unwanted waste.  We collect unwanted boots from anywhere in the UK offering a free collection service.

*source GOV.UK

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