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Rugby Boot Bank®

#NoBoots #NoBarrier

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Founded in 2019, RugbyBootBank® aims to encourage and support people to play rugby at rugby clubs in the UK.   Thanks to kind donations RugbyBootBank® is able to provide boots to men, women, boys and girls to play rugby at rugby clubs across the UK.


Todays boots are manufactured to such a high standard they often out last their owner's feet and end up being discarded with an environmental  impact.   Together we can do a little bit to save our planet but also help people enjoy the enormous benefits of playing rugby and enjoy the connections of our wonderful rugby family.


RugbyBootBank® is a not for profit national programme run by
volunteers with depots in Marden, Kent and Falkirk, Scotland.

How to...

a free pair of boots

(in full confidence)


How to...

a pair of boots
(you no longer need)

What We Do...

We receive kindly donated boots and get them to people in the UK who need them to play club rugby.

#NoBoots #NoBarrier

To DONATE boots or in total confidence REQUEST a pair of boots to help you or

a child play rugby at a UK rugby club click on the appropriate image below

Click here to REQUEST a pair from

Click here to get in touch and help RugbyBootBank®
make a difference

Boots To Donate?

Click here to DONATE boots to


We are very proud of the work we do to help people play rugby across the UK.   

Explore some of our latest features below. If they inspire you to help please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Boys at School

Falcons School donate over 50 pairs of boots 


Over 200 donated boots distributed this year


An interview with RugbyBootBank's founder

October 2021

December 2022

March 2022

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If you have boots to donate or would like a pair of boots please complete our online form:
 Request Boots / Donate Boots
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